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30th Anniversary, Aug 1997

Click the photos below for enlarged view:

Hall of Fame

Jill "Buttercup" Tweedie
w BB King
Rick Lock today
Jill "Buttercup" Tweedie
Original Rider, guest with Trio, collaborating on current project

With the legendary BB King in 1975
Left to Right - Rollie Utzinger (Piano), Jeff, Ron, 
John Murphy (Rhythm
guitar), Dave Drury (Bass),
Rick Lock (Drums) with Jill Drury (Buttercup) in the middle.
Photo extracted out of an article on the Riders in "GO-SET" -
"The Teen
and Twenties Newspaper" October 16th, 1968
Rick Lock today

At Soup Plus, popular Sydney jazz venue, 2005.
With Ray Beadle (guitar), Chris Mawer (bass) and Wayne Jury (vocals)
SoupPlus_3 SoupPlus_4
Roscoe (piano-eye view)
Wayne in red shirt
Ray (guitar), Ron (harp)
Chris brings up the rear

30th anniversary
Aug, 97
reunion gig

...a wonderful night.

Pictures coming soon...